Technology Approach

At GEO Prep Academy, we understand that using technology is critical in educating today’s students. Technology not only serves as a tool to help students become more knowledgeable and efficient in an increasingly wired economy, but technology can also serve to make instruction more efficient and to allow differentiation in how students are taught. GEO Prep Academy is committed to leveraging technology to truly improve a student’s educational experience.

Our commitment to technology first starts in the classroom. Our typical K-4 classroom will have 1 computer for every 3 children. There are a total of 90 computers at the school.

In addition to a fully wifi enabled campus, we also maintain a dedicated computer lab for enhanced educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Our entire network has effective filtering and security technology in place to ensure that areas of the internet not appropriate for students are blocked.

GEO Prep Academy also utilizes a concept called “Blended Learning” across all subject areas. Blended learning is education delivered primarily by an online program with supplemental assistance from a live instructor. Using blended learning allows students to operate at their own pace and gives differentiated learning opportunities for students who are operating both above and below grade level. The use of this technology also allows the teacher to spend more time in dedicated remediation time for students who are struggling to master difficult content.

In 2017, we will further enhance our commitment to technology with two significant improvements. All high school students will have their own dedicated computer and the school will begin our phased implementation of Google for Education. Google for Education is a secure platform which allows for the sharing of assignments and course materials regardless of where the child is physically located. Using the Google platform will allow Pikes Peak Prep to continue to provide a high level of educational content with the convenience of a student being able to access that content at school, at the library or even at home.